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  • Quick Tips for Responsible Four Wheeling
    Ride Right! Below are some quick tips from the nonprofit Tread lightly on four-wheeling responsibly in the great outdoors. You can also...  more
    Last post by Bteck - Aug 9
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  • I want to thank all that came out and helped out or just enjoyed the Invasion this year! We had a great time and we are already planning for next year. I know you haven't seen me...  more
    Last post by Elizadeath - Aug 9
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  • Hey everyone I have had a couple members express difficulty finding the tickets for the Apex Jamboree on mobile I will explain how to find this in the mobile view for anyone else...  more
    Last post by Lock N Rock - Aug 9
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  • Here is some useful information follow the link to read. It has to do with closures of trails and the Alpine. It is obvious that for these measures to be put in place people have...  more
    Last post by Override1223 - Aug 9
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  • I have a question to ask if any member can answer. What does ATBE mean? I want to explain why I ask this.
    I have read a lot of your posts and comments and I’m finding...  more
    Last post by Override1223 - Aug 9
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  • Hello everyone I have to advise you all that I have been doing a lot of overdue and needed updates to the site. You will find a lot has changed I hope you find for the better. I...  more
    Last post by Bteck - Aug 9
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  • 4WD Parts is going to give ATBE members a discount card all I need is your info Name,address,city,postal code,phone#,email address. and they will send you a ATBE discount card to...  more
    Last post by 97TJ - Aug 9
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  • Today we went up to have a meeting with Kevin Campbell the Merritt Rec Officer that takes care of the area were Loadstone rec-sit is. It was a very friendly and inviting meeting....  more
    Last post by Dialed-In - Aug 9
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  • Hey everyone the miutes of our metting that was held a mounth ago has been posted here folow the link if you have anything to add add it there...  more
    Last post by 97TJ - Aug 9
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  • I have provided this topic for all the people that live out of the area of Penticton to post your ideas that you would like to see tabled at this meeting. We will post an over...  more
    Last post by Bteck - October 25, 2017
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  • An hour and a half ago, Kim Reeves found out that our friend Corey Jong is dead.
    Corey shared a passion for four wheeling and for doing good things for the benefit of the many...  more
    Last post by Bteck - October 25, 2017
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  • We were throwing the idea of having a reopening event of the KVR in June 2015 due to lack of support we have decided to not get involved with this event. I’m not going to...  more
    Last post by Bteck - Feb 5
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  • I have talked with a couple of Members that know there stuff about off-road and 4x4’s ext... The topic of writing product and help articles came up. I think it is a great...  more
    Last post by Override1223 - October 25, 2017
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  • Hey everyone I’m looking into getting a ham radio license. I have contacted the Penticton Ham Radio Association to find out what where and why. One of the first things they...  more
    Last post by 98cherokee - Jun 30
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  • ATBE has recently become a member of the 4x4club which is a Group of different 4x4 and parts businesses/stores that have made what they call the Gear Center...  more
    Last post by Lock N Rock - October 25, 2017
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